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Pinhead Co is back yet again paying homage to Pinhead Co's favorite arcade game of all time "The Grid" by Midway Games! We present to you The Grid Kids Plushies! 

Unfortunately "The Grid" never reached the success we all hoped it one day would. It came out at the wrong time when the arcade era was dying out at the time. It became Midway's last arcade game they ever made when going under. Fast forward to present day I personally own 6 linked cabinets and host parties at my house monthly so my friends and I can play this rare game for the remainder of our days on God's green earth! 

Along with that I create custom merchandise inspired by the game and come out with them for my parties! Since this game never exploded on a grand scale, I like to imagine a world where it reached global success and all types of Grid related merch were created and sold. When I thought for the idea to make plushies, I was largely inspired by the Japanese culture when it comes to games and toys. Specifically the Hello Kitty plush phenomenon. I am a father to my 3 year old son and he was the inspiration as well to create something that even his age group can appreciate and have fun with. With that being said the character designs were made to resemble that "Chibi" or "Bikkuriman" style Japanese kiddish cartoon style. Big head with little bodies. When designing the characters I knew to get this super talented artist Jared (@LittleDevilsClub) and he knocked it out of the park just as I expected.

In total I chose to create 3 different characters and 1 special item from the game listed below:

Wes Armstrong (With Bendable & Posable Helmet Mic) - The most recognizable character from the game. The Grid mascot if you will. He is featured all over the cabinet art on the arcade machines themselves.

Karasu (With Removable Sword) - Ninja type character from the game. Although he never uses his sword in the game itself he has one featured on his back. So I thought it would be a fun feature to make the sword removable! There is also a super exclusive Blue variant that was only available in person at my Grid Fest Parties! The blue variant was created because of a secret code in the game that changes his outfit specifically to the color blue. He is also the only character in the game that has an alternate costume.

The Host (Talking with 8 phrases!) - The Host is... well the Host within the game. He is the only character with extensive dialogue. So I thought it would be fantastic to make him have built in sound. Activated by pressing his left foot, he says 8 unique phrases that are actually used in the game! Requires 3 AAA Batteries(NOT INCLUDED) to work.

DA BOMB! (With Sound Effects) - In the multiplayer game there is a special item you obtain when you collect $4,000 and its called DA BOMB! Everyone strives to obtain this because once you obtain enough money and ignite said bomb it kills everyone on the map including yourself, while generally pushing you in the lead within seconds! When ignited a giant explosion happens and this deep voice says the words "DA BOMB!". So I thought it would be great to add this iconic piece to the first series lineup as it would translate to a plushie very well. Sound activates when you press the highlight area on Da Bombs collar. Requires 3 AAA Batteries (NOT INCLUDED) to work.

The name idea "Grid Kids" comes from a secret code from in the game that when entered at the character select screen (#543) it makes your limbs (head, feet, hands) enlarged for a cartoony comical feel! Buy them for yourself, buy them for your kids, or buy them for EVERYONE!


Plushie Size - Approx. 8" in Height

Features - Bendable Posable Helmet Mic