Pinhead Co was created to deliver a quality product with the passion of a collector, for the collector. Established in late December of 2015 out of the state of New Jersey, Pinhead Co continuously tries to push the envelope when it comes to innovation, quality and nostalgia. 
We create product at a high quality that's inspired by pop culture, video games, cinema, toy culture, fashion and anything that touches that warm nostalgia button in our hearts which drives this passion to the next level. The object is to create something special that the consumer can truly appreciate, something that can take you to that special place of personal euphoria. We have a particular love for special packaging on our products that surely stands out. It's not just the product that is important to us, but it is the packaging that brings everything together.
At Pinhead Co we work with a vast variety of well known artists and brands who share that same passion and drive that we do on special projects to bring limited edition unique merchandise. We are always open to work with new artists or brands moving forward.
Any and all inquiries can be sent to info@pinheadco.com in which we will get back to you in a joyous timely manner.