6 Feet Deep

6 Feet Deep "RZA Grillz"

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Pinhead Co is finally back with a fresh new hip-hop inspired release for 2019! We present to you the 6 Feet Deep "RZA Grillz" 3D Casted lapel pins!

This is our little homage to one of the greatest classic Hip-Hop albums to ever release, the Gravediggaz - 6 Feet Deep album released in 1994! A highly influential album in the "horror core" subgenre, 6 Feet Deep had the mid 90's in awe and is surely a staple in anyones collection! The most iconic image that everyone remembers from this album is the picture(s) of the RZA wearing the unforgettable grills in his mouth that spell out his name RZA! We decided to materialize those very grills to the best of our abilities and transform them into a wearable lapel pin!

The pin is 3D Casted and available in 2 metal finishes Silver & Gold. If you are a true hip hop head this is a must in your collection!

Pin Size - 2" (Length)
Process - 3D Casted
Metal Finish - Silver & Gold
Double Posted with Metal Butterfly Clutches