The Audible Boombox Pin

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This listing is for single pins only! Single pins will be housed in a black velvet pouch

The Audible Vol. 1 is finally here! This project fuses together the world of music, art & fashion. We've been hard at work on this for the past year and we are absolutely thrilled to finally share it with the world! Never before done, we wanted to deliver a special collectors edition set colliding the 3 worlds mentioned previous (music, art & fashion) in a way that will hit home in the heart of nostalgia.

The pin art was done by the great Saturno hailing from Spain! The Boombox pin is dual plated, soft enamel, partial 3D & will come in a black velvet pouch. The Lasonic TRC-975 boombox was a big inspiration for the entire project. Saturno absolutely nailed the vibe with this one!

Pin Size - 1.75" (Length)
Process - Soft Enamel & Partial 3D
Metal Finish - Dual Plated  w/Black Dyed Metal & Silver
Double Posted with Rubber Backings