The Audible Vol. 1 (Cassette ONLY)

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This listing is for single cassettes only! Single cassettes will be housed in a classic Norelco style case with J-Card insert.

The Audible Vol. 1 is finally here! This project fuses together the world of music, art & fashion. We've been hard at work on this for the past year and we are absolutely thrilled to finally share it with the world! Never before done, we wanted to deliver a special collectors edition set colliding the 3 worlds mentioned previous (music, art & fashion) in a way that will hit home in the heart of nostalgia.

A first for Pinhead Co as we dive into the world of music, this cassette is double sided & 40 minutes (in total) of unreleased never before heard instrumental beats from none other than the incredible DJ Mondee of the late 90's/early 2000's hip hop scene. Mondee is most known for his memorable work with Yak Ballz & various members of the Wu-Tang Clan. Each fluorescent green cassette is hand stamped & numbered out of only 200 cassettes in existence. There will be no download code for this cassette so the only way to listen will be in the tape deck!

The album cover was done by the great Saturno hailing from Spain! The cover features a full scene of his take on our mascot Pinhead Boy like a musical mad scientist in the lab cooking up something magical! You can see hip hop related imagery such as the classic MPC-2000xl hiding in the backdrop as well as our favorite boombox of all time the Lasonic TRC-975. Saturno absolutely nailed the vibe with this one!

Cassette Tape - Approx. 40 Minutes of Total Playtime. Fluorescent Green Casing. Number Stamped out of only 200 pieces. Housed in A Norelco Style Packaging With J-Card insert. Audio entirely produced and mixed by Mondee.