Tiger Boxer (w/Blinking Gem Light)

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You might remember him from the classic video game "Mike Tyson's Punch Out" it's Great Tiger with blinking light on his turban gem just like in the video game! A must have for not just pin collectors but die hard video game enthusiasts as well. Read instructions at the bottom of description on how to operate the light.

Size - 1.75" 
Soft Enamel 
Blinking Light Attachment 
Dyed Black Metal 
2 Rubber Backings

1. Before use pull the tab that reads "Please remove this plastic tab before use". 
2. To activate the blinking light, screw tight (turn clockwise) the metal disc located on the back of the pin until light starts flashing. 
3. To deactivate the blinking light unscrew the metal disc (turn counter clockwise) to unloosen until the light stops blinking.

These pins are not toys. The blinking light mechanism and extra long nail posts are very delicate. They indeed are sturdy but must be handled with care.